Take a tour of Penelope Cruz's home (15 pics)

Take a tour of Penelope Cruz's home (15 pics). This Spanish star has a home that's as lovely as she is, with Thai-inspired design creating an oasis of calm in Los Angeles. Take a tour of Cruz's home.

The interiors of this home are lovely, but the real treat is outside. "The backyard of this home is truly one of the best 'rooms' in the house," says Trulia’s Real Estate Realist, Tara-Nicholle Nelson. "Staged for barbecuing and dining al fresco by the pool, the tableau is framed by the stunning architecture of the home’s rear elevation, and the breathtaking vista of the nearby mountains."

The property carries touches of Thai and Balinese design throughout, starting at the entrance. "This series of welcoming doorways creates an inner courtyard," says Nelson. "It's almost an exterior foyer -- a traditional characteristic of the Thai architectural inspiration for this home’s design."

The outside door is sturdy, while the inside door is airy. "One solid door to keep undesirable elements and energies out, and one glass door to let the light shine in," approves Nelson. "A perfect pairing."

The living room is perfect for lounging, but there's also a opportunity to do a little inner work as well. "This sitting area features french doors that open to a sweet little meditation 'room' outside," says Nelson.

For those that enjoy making their own meals, this home is a dream. "Customized and built-in commercial fridge, a massive island with vegetable sink, natural stone as far as the eye can see -- what more could even the best of home cooks want?" says Nelson. "A skylight. Check!"

This kitchen will satisfy any home hash slinger, while keeping it simple. "From the commercial cooktop, to the built-in niches for microwave and television, this kitchen allows for the free flow of energy with 'a place for everything and everything in its place,'” says Nelson.

Moving in between rooms, you're still treated to some beautiful design. "While this corridor’s ceiling-height windows are small, they clearly let in a massive amount of light to this home, highlighting the patterned hardwood floors," says Nelson. "The Thai design of the structure itself is carried all the way through to the decor choices, like these massive teak-framed mirrors and benches."

When you've got a living room this pretty, who needs a television? "One look at this room and only one word comes to mind: ahhhhh," says Nelson. "Walls of windows on at least two sides highlight vast expanses of beautiful wood floors. In this room, the prime-time entertainment is the great outdoors."

"The 'missing” rear wall here opens the rest of the house, including a little dining nook, up to receive the beautiful views and natural sunlight from the living room’s glass doors and walls," says Nelson. "From this angle you can also see the fireplace and imagine night-time lounging under the starry nighttime skies and next to the cozy warmth of a fire -- at the same time!"

The home manges to neatly thread the needle between simplicity and Another view of an expansive corridor, lined with furnishings that showcase the inherent contrasts of Thai design," says Nelson. "Massively scaled, dark wood benches and mirrors, with the most intricate craftsmanship and embellishments."

No matter where you are in the home, you're never far away from the sunlight. "This dining nook and corridor area shows prospective buyers more of the unblemished wood floors they love to see, as highlighted by the sun, courtesy of a skylight," says Nelson.

The home continues to impress as you step into the bathrooms. "Even the powder and bath rooms offer Thai detailing in the mirrors and light sconces," admires Nelson.

If you decide to entertain, you can do so in style. "This backyard sets the perfect stage for both serenity and amazing entertainment options," raves Nelson. "Beyond the standard swimming and dining, there are also heaters and a firepit, so an evening chill won’t stop the party, lots of chaise lounges, and even a cabana with a massive outdoor bed." Yes, please.

So, want to take the plunge? This estate, nestled in the Hollywood Hills, can be yours for just under $3.5 million.